Thursday, December 5, 2013

Low carb menu & late night rage

- Four eggs
- Macaroon muffin with butter
- A little bit of egg salad (while I was making it, to taste...)

I used to be able to make egg salad sooo good, but as of late, I feel like a total egg salad amateur.

Down to less than a dozen eggs, so a trip to Aldi is in order for the near future.

It's sooo cold today. Yesterday was an unseasonably 49 degrees and today? The wind is so bitter that my little dogs just may need to get their cute little coats on!! The gf's throat is slowly but surely getting better.  So, no plans for an emergency tonsillectomy in the (near) future, but we're still keeping it on the short "to do" list for the coming year.  Having her tonsils causes lots of throat clearing, extra sickness and such.

On an embarassing note, she told me that I smacked her last night in my sleep!  I literally have no recollection of this and I feel terrible about it.  I do remember having nightmares (about not making enough money, etc.), but I certainly do not remember the smack.  When I said "goodnight," I was being all lovey dovey, so it's not like we went to bed angry or anything.  Now, I'm starting to understand the people who have been let off on charges for killing others in their sleep.  It's a creepy state of mind and I honestly do not remember doing it. I would never smack that girl, but I guess I did!? When I woke up, our little pug was on the floor.  She said that he whined and jumped off the bed.  What a terrible pug mommy and gf I feel like! 

I did some googling and the sleep violence is likely caused by stress. :( 

The sleep smacking low carber,


  1. Yay for Ang's throat getting better! So crazy that you sleep-smacked her. I guess she wasn't hurt and didn't take it personally? I mean, you were asleep so didn't do it on purpose! I talk in my sleep and make a moaning noise when I'm sick. I've woken myself with that (so yeah, very embarrassing but I don't do it consciously).

  2. She didn't love it of course... but I still feel bad! It's crazy what we do in our sleep... The gf sometimes talks to me and has no recollection of it later on... Crazy lol!