Thursday, December 12, 2013

Low carb menu & Momma has a new pair of shoes.

- Four eggs
- Half a piece of cheeseburger quiche with mayo & mustard

I got a really cute and comfy pair of memory foam Fila tennis shoes.  They were originally $75, marked down to $59.99 (in store special) and they had an additional 20% off all running shoes, so they ended up being $47.99 plus tax.  I get a lift put on my left shoe, so I tend to make sure I love the shoe and they are worth putting a $45 lift on them.  I'm not exactly a Payless girl anymore like I once was.

To get on with it, if you've never tried memory foam in your shoes, you do not know what you're missing.  They are amazingly comfortable and supportive to boot. 

Anyway, they were so reasonably priced that I ended up going to another Dunham's right across town and got another pair just like my first pair.  One will be for gym use only and one will be for home. The gf talked me into a second pair, but it wasn't exactly tough to convince me.  I'm dropping them off at the shoe repair shoppe this afternoon.

Excited, party of one!


  1. :) so nice to get a bargain, even better to get two!

  2. The guy at the shoe place was so nice that he even made them top priority and got them done the same day! Unheard of! I think it helped that I was bragging about what a great job they do there (because they really do).