Monday, December 2, 2013

Low carb menu

Sunday's Menu:
- Three eggs (or maybe less)
- Mockafoni & cheese
- Turkey
- Coconut macaroon muffin with butter

Saturday's Menu:
- Four eggs
- Coconut macaroon muffin
- Drumstick treat
We decorated the tree a couple nights ago, but I moved it last night because our landlord may be re-dry-walling our ceiling (where water has been coming in). I just hope that the leaking-in problem is fixed before he does that or will all be for naught.  In any event, our tree is gorgeous and our whole living room looks very festive.  The gf did the banister all up in white lights, tree-like garland, large bulbs and even little red bows to top it all off.  We exchanged ornaments on Thanksgiving, which turned out to be a cute little tradition.  She also gifted me a Lemax schoolhouse which looks remarkably like one of the ones that I subbed at, down to the flagpole!

Hope everybody is having a wonderful holiday season! 

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