Saturday, December 28, 2013

Normal Weight??? Tummy tuck? Oh, my!

Thursday's Menu
- Four eggs
- Sugar free jello parfait
- Cheese

Friday's Menu
- Four eggs
- Bacon~wrapped shrimp, cheesy spinach, steak, a fried egg, a few green beans and three bowls of egg drop soup

In good news....  Guess what!  I weighed in at 177 at my doctor!!!!  That was fully clothed, too!  That puts me AT GOAL and having lost 130 lbs, baby!  At 5'10.5,'' that puts me into the "Normal Weight" category!  

I'm into size 8 (relaxed fit) jeans or size 10 (regular fit) jeans and into a medium or large women's shirt. 

The not-so-good news.... I actually went to the doctor because my toes have been turning purple and getting very cold lately (weird, huh?) so I have to go in for a Doppler ultrasound for both legs for both my veins and arteries, which are actually two tests.

I talked to my doc about getting my extra skin removed from my tummy and he is totally on-board with writing a referral to have it done, so now I'm looking into the process and seeing if it's covered by my insurance and all that jazz.  He said that it's not just cosmetic, but a medical necessity.  He said that I should be rewarded for my hard work and having so much extra skin is not healthy, etc.

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