Thursday, April 21, 2016

Learning the same lessons

- One egg, fried in butter
- One tablespoon butter
- A pound of sausage
- 3/4 head of lettuce
- 3.5 oz bag of pork rinds
- 3/4 bottle of bacon ranch dressing
- 3 oz bacon

Middle of the night eating.........

I do better just cutting it out altogether.  I eat mindlessly, in front of the fridge, door open... ear plugs sometimes in.... In desperation mode... in screwingmyselfover mode....

I'm done with the self sabotage that happens in the night.  It's not a restful night's sleep.  It's no way to live and a fast way to die.  It throws me so out of whack that I wake up with sweaty pajamas, feeling sick, a mess in the kitchen...

Just saying "no" to late night eating is going to be easier than just doing it here and there.  Moderation is not my friend... For me, abstinence is >.

Weighed in at 186, which is nine pounds up in a day.  :/

Exercise: Planked for 2:50

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