Friday, April 8, 2016

California Day Two: San Diego, Point Loma and Orange Count

- Hard boiled egg with 2 oz cream cheese
- Some salted butter
- Sauteed mushrooms
- Top sirloin steak with blue cheese on top
- A few bites of prime rib
- One strawberry 

Spent the first part of our day exploring San Diego!  It was cold and rainy, so we hit Rite Aid for a big ol' umbrella and hit the coast.  First, we went to Point Loma, which is just the coast of San Diego, which is waaaay south.  I freaked out because my little flip phone Welcomed me to Mexico (and notified me that calls would be $1.79 per minute.)  We hit the Cabrillo National Monument.  We were so close to the border that we were even pulling Spanish radio stations. 

We found a great walk-out beach area where we found an awesome view of the Pacific Ocean, so we trudged around the beach.  I mostly held the umbrella and tried not to slip down the slippery rocks.  It was behind the National Monument, which is a pay-to-enter excursion, which limited the amount of folks on the beach.  The cold, rainy weather also limited beach access to basically "just the crazies."

You definitely have this feeling that you drive and you fly and you walk and you're finally "here."  You go west and west and west and then... you have finally arrived.   How many have come out west with a one-way ticket and a dream?

Then, we drove around to Coronodo Island.  We found a little pull-off and viewed the beach.  There were kids and dogs and it looked like the perfect place to build a sand palace - weather permitting.

We did a fly-by-night drive through Balboa park and the San Diego zoo parking lot. 

Next, we checked into Laguna Hills Lodge where we quickly loaded in and got dolled up for dinner at the Orange Hill Restaurant, which was positively swanky and totally LA.   The view... The view.  It sits atop a huuuge hill and overlooks LA, Disneyland and surrounding cities.  At about 9:30pm, we even saw the the fireworks above Disney, which actually was appeared to be the cutest little firework show above a little doll house.

We gazed into each other's eyes and laughed about the last eleven-plus years of knowing each other while we got all starry-eyed at the amazing view.  All in all, a wonderful dinner.  The valet even took cones down and let boyfriend snap some photos.

My ex gf lives here, which is kind of odd..... It just doesn't feel like her, but I don't suppose that anything would to me.  We were together so long that we were barely recognizable to each other anymore -- or to ourselves.

The view!

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