Thursday, April 7, 2016

The ring, day one of our trip

Made it to San Diego!!!  Today was mostly a driving day.  Ken came home from work at about 10am and we were gone by noon.  I drove to San Diego... He slept just a little bit.... It's so cool here...  Then, once we got here, we went down the to the pool at 9:20pm...

Having fun on the way!

Coffee in the pool... Vacay has BEGUN! (Complimentary coffee just tastes better)  

Since this is a log of what I consume.... I suppose I must include what I ate last night--

Today, just an

one egg fried in butter and lots of diet soda, a little water and low carb energy drinks...

Yesterday, I ate:
- One egg
- Two eggs
- Four eggs
- 4 oz can of albacore tuna mixed with lotsa mayo (sweetened, too, so it is reminiscent of Miracle Whip)
- More Mayo

Headed out on our trip.... Excited to get going....

March 26, 2016 - I said yes!!!


  1. Oh wow. Congratulations!!! Love the photos, you are such a cutie! Have fun. ^_^

    1. We actually got engaged on March 26th, but I wanted to post up a proper ring photo and all...