Tuesday, April 5, 2016

SO egg-cited for Cali!

- One egg
- Five egg flax pancakes creation
- Two eggs
- Five eggs with too much mayo

Leaving for California tomorrow!!!   I'm making ice as we speak... (or the freezer is)....

So much to do....

I won't be back here 'til I visit next time... which means I will have to have ALL my stuff packed and ready to go.  I have this little luggage scale that has proven to be helpful.  It was like nine bucks off amazon and I really push that fifty pound limit to the max.

Trying to make the trip more about the adventures and less about the food.  And life for that matter!  I want to get teeny tiny before I get my skin all hacked off.  *sigh* 

TEN DAYS IN CALIFORNIA omg omg omg!  I have the best boyfriend ever.  He literally planned every inch of the trip.  I think he missed his calling as a travel agent.

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  1. Have a great time, pretty pretty! You are living the dream (and I KNOW it's been HARD WORK!!!). Enjoy it. :)