Monday, June 20, 2016

Low carbin

- 11 eggs, fried in butter
- 2/3 of a head of lettuce

Still trying to re-gain my strength.  I want to get this colonoscopy scheduled asap!!  I feel dizzy when I bend over and stand up and my energy is very low.
The hospital said to get it done "in the next few weeks," but for crying out loud, I am scared of a recurrence of the fainting, ambulance trip, all that.

My hemoglobin is 7.3, which is what it was when I was admitted into the hospital in the first place.

To get on with it, I called the doctor who did my endoscopy, who is also supposed to do my colonoscopy.  The receptionist said that she did not see any upcoming tests for me and sent me to the doc's nurse -- which ultimately led me to her voicemail.  She did not call back.

I'm tempted to just go in to his office tomorrow (it's 8 mins from here) and explain to them the situation - to get an appointment.

It's more difficult to shufty somebody away when they are in your office.

To leave on a high note, I got an A on my lab practical today!!!  It was entirely anatomy-based.  My professor gave me clearance to skip the exam (without it effecting my grade), but I was already studied up, so I wanted to take it.  He even told me that I got the highest grade in the class!  All that studying while in the hospital paid off.

Besides, with whatever is going on with me, I may want to save my "Get out of Jail Free" card, if you will.

Drove to my mom's and got my baby back (my pretty dog, Daisy).  Just tryin' to take good care of myself.

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