Sunday, June 19, 2016

Out of hospital

Breakfast in hosp ~
- 3 slices bacon
- Salad with romaine, bleu cheese, ham, hard boiled egg and cheese

Then I was released!! Yay!

- Six eggs, fried in butter
- 1/3 of a head of lettuce
- Strawberry atkins shake

They are not sure what caused the lower GI bleed, so I'm going in for a colonoscopy in the near future. 

So, now I have to figure out why my thyroid numbers were wonky and where on earth all the blood was coming from.

Scary, scary, scary, but I sure am glad to be home!

My family is the best. My brother took care of my dog, brought me my books (to study -- big tests this next week!)... Then, my dad and stepmom came in to visit me... And my brother was really the big hero.  He brought me back home and he was just generally awesome.

He  took care of watering my plants, re-hanging the shower curtain that I clung onto when I fainted, putting the wet towels in the dryer, emptying my coffee pot and stuff like that.

My mom took my dog and she is going to have her for a little while, until I regain my strength. 

I really don't know what I would do w/o my family!


  1. Family... they can make you or break you... glad you are ok!
    What in the world is gong on!!??
    Stay well!
    Funny... as healthy as LC is..... some fools will always blame Atkins or LC when we get a cold or have any problem... go figure!

  2. You're right about people blaming LC. It's almost like they're worried we're trying to take the bagel out of their mouths.

    Nobody at the hospital scoffed at my eating. I'm just wondering, what is WRONG with me?

    Being in the hospital reinforced my desire to be a nurse, though, which is exciting. I just need to put this behind me and move on with my life!

    I really hope I can keep my appointment to get my abdominoplasty and arm lift, which is scheduled for August 2. Blue Care Network approved the former, which is awesome.

    Thanks for your support, Annie!!! Wish you were here to nurse me to good health and feed me yummy low carb foods.

  3. OMG, I haven't looked at the blog since Friday and I see you've been through a very scary health scare and hospital stay. I hope you are feeling better and can find out what caused things to go boom in the first place! I'm happy that you have family looking out for you. <3

  4. Thank you, Octracia. I can't wait to get through this. I'm just so grateful for the amazing health care system that our country affords us.