Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Every day is day one if you think about it

Day One Low Carb Food Menu
  • 2 eggs with butter
  • home made beef stew (made with onion, celery, yellow squash, zucchini, green pepper and broccoli)
  • Two tuna salad sandwiches on oopsies with tomato
  • Cheesy spaghetti squash
  • Half pound burger on oopsie with tomato and onion
  • Three peanut butter cheesecake bites
First of all, thank you all for your comments!!! Not only do I heart them, but they HELP me.... to know that I need to stay on track, know that I can stay on track.... and know that I will stay on track. Also, I find it helpful that you guys seem to "get" what I'm doing. No funny looks from any of you if I go into month-long burger frenzies that leave me with mustard on my lip.

THE GOOD NEWS?!?! Okay, when I got on the scale this morning, 280.4. Yep, I have NEVER been this happy to see a number like this. I got on again to make sure it was right and it flashed over to 279 for a second then read again: 280.4. That is over seven pounds in one day. That can't be right.... but I'm going with it! YES I AM! Yesterday, this scale told me that I was 288.8 and quite frankly, I was afraid to re-weigh yesterday because I did not want to go into the 290's again.

You have to realize though, I was binging on everything and anything in sight. I was literally on the see food diet... I would see food and eat it, with no regard to its nutritional content. WHAT was I thinking?? I was clearly under the addiction of the refined carbs and basically just wanted my next fix, all while ignoring - or putting on the back burner - my then-growing waistline.

Also, I must note (sorry boys) that it is my TOM now, so I am uber-bloated anyway.... and the night before I weighed in at 288.8, I had a big binge, so I'm sure some of that weight was that food alone. Gross. I'm sure the other part of it was water weight, but I am still excited to see the number moving the the right direction.

I actually feel like two totally different people, based on what I eat. I'm either crazy-carb-obsessed, cannot-quit-eating or quite the opposite. WHEN will I realize that this is a true addiction for me?? Processed food??

In case you are wondering my "plan," I'm not really going super-strict induction mode, but I do want to stick with very low carb. I am not the type that can eat a small amount of processed food, so it's best to keep it out of my mouth completely. I am allowing certain foods (tomatoes, a tiny amount of natural peanut butter, onions, whey protein powder and probably a very small amount of almond flour and also flax) into my diet that are not necessarily suitable for induction, but are relatively low carb.


  1. Your plan is about what my plan is too, and its fine. I am a carb addict for sure, and a little carb can really set me off but I find peanut butter does not, so while it has some carbs and is supposedly not induction friendly, I usually can have a little of that, or make peanut buter fudge which I am having a craving for these days... :-)

  2. Even the "acceptable" low carb indulgences send me into to a TAIL-spin or a plateau....bloated like I just OD'd on a Bic Mac and Fries! with a super sized regular coke...
    Everyday IS day one!

  3. Nancy - Ooohh I have to make some fudge soon!

    Anne - Yep, Day one and Day one and Day one again! :)