Saturday, May 15, 2010

Low carb menu for 5-14-10

Low carb menu for Friday

- Double chocolate coconut protein shake
- Tuna salad on an oopsie with tomato and cheese
- Half pound burger on oopsie with tomato, onion and cheese
- Mashed cauliflower with butter


  1. I'm hungry....again....
    Save me some....

  2. Your menus are looking great, Angie! Way to get back on track after the minor detour on the 12th. That's the way to do it! :-)

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Anne... There's always enough food here to feed an army!! Happy Nurse's week!

    Harry... Thanks! My best to you and Maddie. Your blog has me wanting pork rinds, LOL.