Friday, October 4, 2013

Chicken this, chicken that

- Four eggs
- Cheeseburger pie
- Chicken salad

I made my chicken salad using chicken breast chunks, hard boiled eggs, sugar free relish, mayo, liquid splenda and lots of salt and pepper.  It is so good!

I decided to make it because I bought a 40-lb box of chicken breasts and most of them were shockingly small (more bone than meat), so I just kind of was looking for a way to use them up where it would still be a yummy meal.  They were not uniform at all in size, which also presented problems in trying not to dry them out when baking them.  I just put them on to boil and used the meat for good use. I have one more bag to get through then back to the huge, fat chicken breasts that we love.... baked and dipped in honey mustard!

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