Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Low carb menu

- Four eggs
- Salad (iceberg lettuce, ham, hard boiled eggs & low carb honey mustard)
- Two parm-breaded chicken breast tenders with low carb honey mustard
- Another chicken tender with mayo this time

This low carb honey mustard is seriously the bomb-diggity! Everytime that I make it, even my brothers want the recipe. They never want the recipe for anything! First of all, they can't believe it's home made.  Secondly, they *really* can't believe it's low carb.  It's just that good. 

I love making stuff home made because you know what's going into it and it ends up being a lot more cost-efficient than the bottled stuff. We now buy mayo by the gallon at Gordon's.  A gallon of the extra heavy duty restaurant-style may is only $8.99. We are a mayo-eating household!

Also, I was thinking that chicken breast meat is so low in fat that it's not exactly a wonderful part of the ketogenic diet unless you add fat...

I've noticed that a big trend in the low carb blogosphere is focusing on a higher-fat and moderate-protein diet.

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