Thursday, October 17, 2013

Low carb menu

 - Four eggs
- Egg salad
- Low carb waffle with Walden's syrup

- Four eggs
- Two cinnamon flax muffins with half a piece of ham
- Sausage quiche

- Four eggs
- Gelatin parfait (sugar free from dollar store - sooo good!)
- Two sausage patties

I've been slacking on my blog this week.... I did have a good weigh-in at the doctor, though.  I know I'm back in wonderland because even with my shoes on, hoodie on etc., I weighed in at 198.  One-derland is a great place to be. 

It was just a routine appointment in order to stay on the pain meds for my knee pain (just Tramadol, but it does work).  It went well.  I have to go back in next month for fasting blood work, just to make sure that my kidney function is okay and have my cholesterol checked.  They've been trying to put me on a statin for my high total cholesterol, but I've been extremely reluctant to do so [read: not doing it at all]. 

I have heard that when you lose weight, your cholesterol goes up.  My good cholesterol is very good... Just my total that is a little high.  I am going to do some research on it.  My chiropractor said that as long as your bad cholesterol only makes up a certain percentage of the total, then you are okay.  We shall see!

The gf is taking the dogs up to the park for a walk and I have some grocery shopping to do.  We are dangerously low on eggs!

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