Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Low carb menu & crazy Daisy

- Four eggs
- Low carb waffle
- Cheeseburger pie
- Buttered broccoli
- Cinnamon flax muffin

I was having tummy issues, so I switched back to Renew Ultimate Flora 30 billion (which is a probiotic).  It works much better for me than the TruLife stuff and is roughly the same price. I don't know why I switched anyway when it was working so much.

TMI alert: Now you know why I made the flax muffins and was eating broccoli last night... My gf saved me by going to the 24 hour Walgreens and getting me what I needed.  For one carb per muffin, the cinnamon muffins are not bad.  I added 1/2 cup of liquid splenda because the batter was not sweet enough for my taste.

Tonight, we have a behavior counseling session with a pack of dogs that we adore.  We are taking our crazy
"I'm crazy!"
Daisy dog because we know she is always inappropriately dominant and is sure to stir up the problem that they are having. Daisy will be a catalyst if you will.

The gf jokes that Daisy is crazy because she was my dog before we met.  She also says (in a loving way) that Daisy is the most challenging dog that she has ever dealt with, which is saying a lot because she has rehabbed several dogs that would literally kill (and have attempted to) and has brought them back to balance.  What I've learned in being with a dog trainer, is dogs are born balanced and we kind of screw them up without meaning to. Daisy is her little girl even though she is a crazy, nutsy handful. Should be interesting!