Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Heinz, how I missed thee.

My Low carb menu

- Ham and cheesy spaghetti squash
- Burger with swiss cheese, onions, tomato, low carb ketchup and mustard
- Mock rice pudding
- Seven layer salad

Weekly Wednesday Weigh-in: 256.2

Has anybody else had trouble finding low carb ketchup? I looked at three different local stores that typically carry it, but each store was out! It's basically Heinz ketchup, sweetened with Splenda, and it only packs one carb per tablespoon, which is 20% of the carbs of its high-carb counterpart. I was starting to really think that it may be discontinued, and I would be left, making my own ketchup! Sure, you can get it online, but at $3.49 for a bottle smaller than your typical ketchup-bottle, that seems like a luxury I can do without, but I was seriously considering it.

My low carb ketchup woes were placed on hold yesterday when I received a care package from my girlfriend, containing seven bottles and two bags of Starbucks coffee to boot! She is just so amazingly thoughtful and sweet. Having somebody who supports you, you can trust, makes you laugh and sends you low carb ketchup is a keeper in my book, any day of the week!


  1. Aww that was nice of her!!! Well I have three grocery stores, a target and a walmart near me, and I can only get the sugar free ketchup at one grocery store, so I think its safe to say they don't sell enough of it for there to be a demand for it. One of my kids and my husband don't like it, so we have a regular and a sugar free.

  2. Yeah, her little gifts to me are seriously like precious little diamonds, so well thought-out. I'm not used to getting treated so well, but I think that I could get used to it pretty darned quick, lol.

    Wow, they don't like it? I swear, it tastes just like the real thing! Well, we do keep a bottle of regular heinz around for the carbers.

    How have you been, Nance? How are the girls?

    Miss you!!


  3. I feel that if more stores carried the low carb/sugar free ketchup, more people would USE it. But that's only my opinion.

    @Nancy Isn't splenda supposed to be sweeter than sugar? That's so odd that they don't like it.

    @Angie You make me sound good. It was nothing. I'm the lucky one. But yeah, get used to it. : )