Saturday, April 16, 2011

Low carb menu

Low carb menu from Friday

- Oopsie pizza with natural pizza sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, ham and sausage
- Pork butt with home made bbq sauce
- Fish, battered in egg and Parmesan cheese, fried in butter and evoo


  1. Pork butt? I'm scared...

    As long as you never make me eat pizza with pineapple on it. We're good.


  2. You ate pork butt before! Remember that pork bbq that you tried that I made? Yeah, you loved it! You ate pork butt! You ate pork butt! Okay, yeah I'm immature, but you seemed to really enjoy it and eat every bite... well, minus the bread that I gave you because you are awesome like that!

  3. LMAO You're a hot mess girl. I love it. I didn't know what that's what you meant. Ok, remember that I cook like a bachelor, even though I'm not one.

    I loved the BBQ, but wasn't aware of what type of pork it was. There's just something about calling it pork butt. LOL

    I did finish every bite. And I loved it. I ate one slice of the bread, which was fine. But then I just wanted the BBQ.

    I am kinda awesome. But then again, so are you.