Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Low carb menu

Low carb menu

- One egg omelet with smoked swiss and smoked sausage, fried in butter
- Carrots
- Seven layer salad
- Mock rice pudding*
- Polish sausage stir-fry with onions, green peppers, celery, cabbage over riced cauliflower

Weight: 256.8

*If you like traditional, high-carb, unhealthy rice pudding, you will love this stuff! I recommend waiting for it to get cold before serving, because it's a little watery when hot.

My highest recordable adult weight was 306.4, but I know that it's been higher than that because before that weight, I definitely was eating healthy and losing weight before the weigh-in at my doctor's office. I would honestly guess my top-weight at about 310 if not 315. I'm starting to see that I have more of a butt than I thought I did, too. I always thought I had no butt, but it turns out that I really do have one! My weight tends to go to my "front butt" (stomach), thighs, arms, face and general upper body when I gain, which is about the most unhealthy place to gain.

I feel like before, my goal in life was to do as much harm to my body with food possible. I really looked at as a fix, and in many ways, I still do. Now, though, I'm attempting to un-do the years of harm that I have done to myself through overeating and choosing all of the wrong foods. I have lost roughly fifty pounds and I have another eighty pounds to go... and honestly, it just feels so great to be headed in the right direction.


  1. I'm so proud of you. You're so strong. You know that I will always be here to support you.

    It takes courage to put your thoughts and feelings up on a blog, and you inspire me every time you do it.


  2. Ang,

    Thanks for being there for me. We are doing the damn thing!!!