Thursday, April 21, 2011

Low carb menu

Low carb menu

- Ham and cheesy spaghetti squash
- Mock rice pudding
- Polish sausage stir-fry with onions, green peppers, cabbage with riced cauliflower
- Two polish sausages with a tomato slice, diced onions, low carb ketchup and mustard


  1. Hey baby, I love your blog. The food sounds and looks amazing. I can't wait to try some.

    I have a question about the spaghetti squash. Is it something that you can make more than one serving of and throw the rest in tupperware? Or does it get soggy in the fridge? Just wondering. I love any and all things ham and cheesy. : )

    The polish sausage sounds good. I love sweet peppers with meat. The only thing that would have made it better in my humble opinion (You know I don't know anything about cooking, but I do know what tastes good.) would be to add mushrooms to the sausage, sweet peppers, and onions. But then again, do mushrooms have carbs? I'm such a rookie.


  2. The spaghetti squash holds up great in the fridge, for up to seven days.

    Oh yeah, mushrooms are definitely of the low-carb variety, so that is awesome. All vegetables have some carbs, but mushrooms are certainly legal.

  3. Nice. I love foods that you can make more of, and have leftovers. I'm probably the only person that I know that gets excited about leftovers. lol