Friday, April 22, 2011

Low carb eats & Mom has cancer

Low carb menu

- Two polish sausages with diced tomato, diced onions, low carb ketchup and mustard
- Mock rice pudding
- Cottage cheese with cinnamon and Splenda*
- Polish sausage stir-fry with cabbage, onions, green peppers with riced cauliflower
- Low carb tortilla with smoked swiss cheese, pepperoni and half a tomato slice*

*Total comfort foods, by the way. I was not even hungry when I ate them.

Please keep my mom in your prayers, everybody. I know that I have mentioned her a lot on my blog before and she needs all of the good thoughts and positive energy that we can muster, as she is battling breast cancer. She got the news yesterday, so obviously, the mood has been bleak around here, but life is going on. We are having a bbq tomorrow.

I do live with her right now and she is a fighter from the word go, so I don't doubt that she will kick this cancer's ass. I'm going to stay on the path with my low-carb cooking, which will help me retain the small bit sanity I have left during this tough time and it will also help the cancer not to spread within her, or that is what I believe at least.

We had our rough times during my teenage years, but in my twenties, we have really become best friends. I'm sure a lot of you can relate. I'm glad that I can be here to give her the support and encouragement she needs, but I'm also very scared.

It's difficult not to medicate with food, but if I can get through this, I can get through anything. Eating bad foods will not help the issues, anyway. They will make me feel like crap if I give in and stuffing your face never solved anything, anyway. Well, not for me, anyway.


  1. You're so strong. And so is your mom. There will be times when you have to acknowledge your feelings.

    Fear, pain, anger, frustration, all of it.

    Yeah, you may have eaten "comfort food", but you selected something that is on plan for you. And that is exercising your power. It all comes back to taking care of you.

    You mom will have to do the same. You can help, love, and support her. But the real fight is within her mind and heart. She can and will beat this cancer. She will.

    Please tell her that I am here if she ever needs to talk. Obviously, you already know that I'm here for you as well.

    It won't be easy, but you (Both of you.) are strong enough to push through this hard time. So many people love and care about the both of you.

    I'm so proud of the woman that you are. Strength is not always putting on a happy face. Sometimes, it takes more strongth and courage to fall apart. And know that the people that love you, will be there to pick up the pieces. I'm right here.

    I love you and your mom,

  2. Oh honey, I understand your pain and worry. A prayer and best wishes for your mom and you are on the way. From reading her post, your lady is there with strong support. Congrats on keeping to low carb during this time. Sometimes the routine of self-discipline can be a comfort in itself.

    I just googled to see what was being said about a low-carb diet's effect on cancer and found this article that might interest you. I don't know the validity of it helping but I do know for a fact that it is a low inflammation diet and helps greatly with my MS (which is a completely different issue).

  3. I just read JP's latest article on

    It has to do with aging and he touches on a very interesting topic of how Tai-Chi has been shown to be of benefit even against cancer. He also has other articles written regarding breast cancer and cancer in his tag cloud in the right sidebar of his site.

  4. AngieAngie~ Thanks for being there for me. I'm your Lupa.

    Oct ~ Thanks so much for all of the great information and support.

    You girls are both so amazing!