Monday, October 24, 2011

Low carb menu and get together with the family

Saturday's low carb fare:
- Two sausage patties
- Tuna casserole with low carb bbq sauce
- A few bites of low carb chicken salad that I sampled while I made it
- Nachos made with plain pork rinds, taco meat, cheese, lettuce, sour cream and natural salsa

Sunday's low carb menu:
- Chicken salad lettuce wraps with tomato
- Assorted cheese chunks with ring bologna and a chicken wing with the breading taken off
- Deviled eggs with pot roast with onions and ketchup
- Two low carb cheesecake brownies (recipe to come)

We all got together at my mom's house to help her with the yard. She served up a huge dinner and I was proud of myself for staying low-carb. It was nice to see my brothers and it's quite rare for the four of us kids to get together (me and my three older brothers). My gf and my brother's wifey also came to help rake. I was in my walker since my knee is still non-weight-bearing and I was basically the cheerleader. Even though I can't bear weight on my knee, I can still kick my hand with that leg now, so that is something. Something tells me my surgeon would kick my butt if he saw me do this, however...

I go back to see him on the second and I'm hoping that the x-ray shows enough new bone growth to start prancing around again....

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