Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Low carb menu and weigh~in

- Broccoli/green onion/bacon cheesy casserole
- Hamburger gravy with mashed cauliflower
- Mock rice pudding
- Pistachios
- Hamburger gravy with mashed cauliflower

My scale kept giving me different numbers this morning. First, it said 202 point-something and then it said 205.2 and 205.8 and even 206.0. It said 205.2 many times, so I guess I will go with that one... which means I lost about half a pound this week.

Even though I've been eating low-carb, I need to wait until I'm hungry before I go for my next low carb meal. Also, I need to stop eating when I'm satisfied... not just keep going because it tastes good. Does anybody else struggle with that?

I'm officially done with beating myself up, though, because after surgery, I quit smoking and have lost 14 pounds in a wheelchair and over 100 pounds total. I started this year on January first at 280, so that is 75 pounds lost already this year.

I just need to keep on keeping on.

We are dropping off my little pug today to get neutered and I'm kind of worried about him... Kind of being the understatement of the century!

Also, I am going to my knee surgeon and getting my x-rays to see if I can start bearing weight on it yet. Scary!


  1. Hi there!
    Thought about you today...
    Sending good thoughts!

  2. how do you do it? Not put weight on your leg yet? That would drive me crazy and I know I would have tried.

  3. Thanks, Anne!

    She~zug... I'm actually afraid to bear weight on the leg, which does help. I use a walker from my grandma and a wheelchair from a program called Lending Hands, which loans them out for free. Let's just say that I'm working on my Michelle Obama arms, lol.