Saturday, October 29, 2011


- Zucchini lasagna
- Piece of chicken breast, breaded with pork rinds dipped in low carb honey mustard
- Chinese buffet

We took my mom out for dinner at the Chinese buffet and I decided to have a deviation. The cause for celebration is her being done with chemo! Radiation starts soon. I ate way too much. I felt like crap. I still feel kind of like I have a hangover from all the nasty food I ingested. It made me think, "Wow, I used to eat like this all the time... No wonder I never had any energy."

Dear body,
We are back to low carb foods til Thanksgiving... don't worry!


  1. how do you make your low carb lasagna?

  2. Here is the recipe I use only I use an extra can of tomato sauce, basil instead of Italian seasoning and I also sub out half of the ground beef for sausage.