Sunday, October 30, 2011

Low carb menu and my supportive love

- Zucchini lasagna
- Half of a piece of a jerky stick from grocery store checklane
- Pork rinds with ranch dip
- One and a half pieces of zucchini lasagna with Parmesan cheese

Nancy, I use this low carb lasagna recipe only I take Linda's suggestion and add an extra can of tomato sauce. Furthermore, I use half ground beef and half sausage. It's really REALLY good and you are going to love it if you feed it to the family! I noticed that Harry over at Healthy Fellow also put up a yummy-looking lasagna recipe, so be sure to check that out.

Waffle makers were on sale at Aldi last week, so we got one yesterday! I'm excited about it. At first, my gf was skeptical about whether we needed one or not, but once she heard about there being LOW CARB WAFFLES available, she was all about it! She is really SO supportive about my eating needs and it had made all the difference. I have written on here before about having a non-supportive ex who was constantly bringing junk in the house, and while that IS the real world, it really does help to be living with somebody who is on the same page as me and cares about my health journey.

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  1. It's all great to have someone who supports you.
    Would a GF GF be a gluten-free girl friend?
    Now THAT would be something!