Thursday, October 13, 2011

Low carb menu and life update

- Half pound burger on an oopsie roll with onions, tomato, mayo, mustard and low carb ketchup
- Two pork sausage patties with one low carb pancake w sugar free Mrs. Butterworth's syrup
- Pumpkin bake
- Unpotato salad
- Two pork sausage patties with two low carb pancakes w sugar free Mrs. Butterworth's syrup

I'm the star patient!

Well, the appointment with my knee surgeon went well! He was so excited that my BMI is now below 30 (which is a different category altogether) that he even put a big star with an exclamation point right by the print-out. The receptionist said that she had never seen him do that when she was checking me out, which of course made me feel even more special. I'm always joking that I'm his star patient and now I guess that I made it official! He even joked that I almost have a better BMI than my surgeon, and I joked with him that I should give him some good recipes. He laughed.

He is really talented and sooo amazing. He received the Patient's Choice Award for 2010 and he has been doing reconstructive joint surgery for literally twenty years. I just really trust him, which is rare for me with a medical doctor. What I like about him is that he addresses the source of the problem instead of just putting a bandaid on the issue. He is really going to change my life with these two surgeries.

The new x-ray of my knee showed that the wedge of bone that they took out of my hip is bonded to the bottom of my femur, but not quite bonded to the top part of my knee. He seemed pleased with the results, but said that I was not yet ready to bear weight on my knee due to the big gap of nothingness above my knee, where we are waiting for new bone growth. Honestly, this made me feel relieved because I did not yet feel that I was ready to bear weight and now I see why. He says that the body often knows what it's ready for and boy was he right. I go back in three weeks to see if I'm ready to start dancing around yet.

My knee brace is set at 85 degrees and he was pleased when he came in to see it bent so far. It's nice to know that it's not staying stiff like it was the first few weeks when I had it in the immobilizer.

Pug News

In dog news, the pug made it through his neutering just fine! Pugs can have problems with anesthesia due to their short little muzzles, so of course his Mommy was worried about him. His sister, Daisy was so pissed when we got home without him. She was just too sad until we took the pack walk. The gf was running behind my wheelchair and I can say that my arms got a good workout. We live right across from a community college and the far part of the parking lot never has any cars at night and it's lit up well, with a police phone and all. We love to go for walks over there. It's more fun than just doing circles in front of our home.

Hopping time!

Oh, and now I can actually use my walker to get out of the house and my gf does not even have to pull around to the back slider anymore! See, the two front steps have no railing and have always freaked me out to do crutches on the steps, especially with no railing. I do the backwards-walker hop to use my one leg to hop back, which sounds scarier than it is. For me, the walker provides much more balance than crutches. I literally go from the side of the cement steps now and just clear them both at once with one big hop. It's now easier to get me loaded up because my gf can just load everything out the front door. It's also less scary that way with winter fast approaching.

Homecoming Game

My little sister is on homecoming court, so I'm excited about tomorrow night... Showing off my gf to our tiny little hick town should be interesting. I hope that my brother brings my niece and nephew because I haven't seen them in at least a couple months, which is rare for this Auntie. They are six and two and completely adorable.


Today marks the sixteen year anniversary of my mom's moped accident! She was really not supposed to live. She was hit by a car, which sent her flying in the middle of the road, at which point a van ran her over on her whole left side of her body. She had a collapsed lung, a crushed leg beyond repair and a closed head injury. They literally put her chances of survival at less than five percent. The way she tells it, she had no choice but to survive because she had three teenagers at home plus one teenager who just entered the Air Force, so she wasn't ready to die yet. She is really a fighter and she always is an inspiration to me. She is an amputee and works full time, but is currently off getting chemo and soon to be radiation. She had breast cancer and is such a fighter that I can't stand it. She has always had the can-do spirit, even before her accident.


  1. Thanks for the update - good to hear. Your warrior mother is a good role model!

  2. Your Mother is awesome - that's where you got your awesomeness from!

  3. I totally agree with you guys... She reads this blog so I hope she sees your comments about her!