Thursday, October 20, 2011

Low carb menu, stress at work and weigh-in

- Two open-face oopsies with hamburger/sausage meat sauce with sharp white cheddar cheese on top
- Pork bbq with pork rinds
- Pork rinds with French onion dip
- Half a piece of pumpkin bake

Guess what... I'm down to 200.8! Down from 306.4! I actually started this year at 280 point-something on January first, so I consider this a great success. What have I been doing? Just stringing some good low carb days together and listening to my body as to when I need to eat and knowing when I'm satisfied.

I work from home and I have a couple accounts that are amazing and a couple that are not-so-amazing and have literally been taking advantage of me by not paying me on time. I've been standing up for myself more than I would have in the past because I realize that we make our own existence in this world. I'm choosing to get more work for the companies that do treat me right by respecting my time and energy by actually paying me. When you do work online, trust is all you have with these business owners because literally, you never meet them. Oh, the wild world of being an independent contractor that works from home! Never a dull moment, I tell you...

Measurement time!

Neck - 14.5 inches (2.5 inches gone)
Bicep - 14.5 inches (5.5 inches gone)
Forearm - 9.75 inches (1.75 inches gone)
Chest - 41 inches (12 inches gone)
Waist - 39 inches (13 inches gone)
Hips - 45 inches (11 inches gone)
Thigh - 24 (4.5 inches gone)
Calf - 15.25 (2.75 inches gone)


  1. Congrats on seeing 200!

    I can completely empathize with your client assessments. It seems like the majority of my salaried job clients fall into one category while my freelance clients are another. :) I need more freelance clients because they have been a great source of happiness.

  2. YAY! for the loss...
    And boo hiss for the people that can't pay or won't pay...
    My job went away today.... so yeah.....
    It's all good.... better stuff to come!

  3. Oct - yeah, soon I plan to be in ONEDERLAND with your skinny little butt!

    Anne - I try to keep reminding myself that getting rid of the old only makes room for the new stuff!

    Thanks for the comments, girlies.