Friday, December 9, 2011

Low carb menu

- Two sausage patties
- Unpotato salad
- Half of a plain oopsie roll out of the oven
- Pepperoni
- Low carb strawberry cake

We finally got our first dumping of snow. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, that is for certain. We aren't going all crazy overboard for Christmas this year, but I do have a few more things that I would like to pick up.

In knee news, I'm pretty much off the walker and up on the cane! I never thought I would be so excited to be on a cane, but it's quite a difference. I'm pretty sure that the walker has also been making some cut marks on the linoleum, so I'm pretty much on the cane or in the wheelchair. I made the mistake of overdoing it on my first day up on the cane, pretty much using it exclusively and my knee sure did pay for it later. It was super duper painful and even when my dog rested her head on it that night, I nearly winced and screamed in pain. She felt so bad, poor thing! I need to progress slowly on it, using it more and more each day.

My goal for this weekend is to get my art studio organized. Like, really organized... labeled and all! I have a slew of art supplies, but they are not all that sorted, which is a crafter's nightmare. I'm looking forward to have a well-organized cute art studio to work in. Since I also work from home, it's actually also my home office. We have a two bedroom apartment and I took the bigger room for my office. We did it so it would be quieter because it's the one room that is not sharing any walls with our sometimes-loud neighbors. I'm great at helping others get organized, but this weekend, I seriously want a professional organizer to show up with her cute little label maker to save me! Help!


  1. Yay for progress with the cane! It won't be long before you don't even need that I'll bet. But with such a big change to your body, more time equals more healing probably.

    I love your art studio plans. I've been wanting to rearrange my basement and set up a place to paint again.

  2. @Oct Our basement is my man cave. Kinda... It got a lil messy, and I think Ang is taking it away from me. LOL