Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Low carb menu

- Two bowls of home made creamy chicken veggie soup with celery, mushrooms, onions and green peppers
- Un-potato salad with green pepper added
- Two more bowls of super yummy soup
- Three oz pistachios (maybe four)
- Two low carb pancakes, plain
- Three beef sticks (small, pepperoni-like, less than one carb each)
- Two and a half drinks made with vodka and diet Mountain Dew


  1. Party time, eh?
    Vodka and Diet Mountain Dew, eh?
    Sounds fun!

  2. Every night is party night with me, alcohol or no alcohol. I'm like a one woman party on my cane, lol. Now, I read on your blog that Dr. Atkins said there was around 18 carbs per oz of hard liquor... Do you think that is true or not? I know that for me, I try and limit my alcohol consumption because the body burns that instead of excess fat, but I wanted to know your take on it.

    Angie has been super sick this week with a sinus infection plus achy joints, so she actually downed a ton of whiskey last night to try and get some relief, but it was moot. I swear that alcohol used to be used as a pain reliever back in the middle ages. She says that even her teeth hurt from her sinus infection. Where is a nurse when we need one??

    I am thinking about making some low carb gingerbread cookies tonight because the kitchen is like my little escape if you know what I mean. It is a total stress reliever for me, kind of like when I'm elbow deep in an art project.

  3. cheers!

    A hot toddy might clear up Angie's ills.

    A cup of hot tea with lemon + honey + a shot of whiskey or brandy.

    Drink fast, wrap up in a thick blanket to chin and sweat it out. Works for me everytime I do it.

    I'm having a little diet sprite + coconut flavoring + coconut rum cocktail myself. In fact, I may be intoxicated right now. :)

  4. LOL at Shezug! I hope Angie is feeling bettr by now.