Wednesday, February 15, 2012!

Good news! My surgeon examined my hip-to-toe x-rays and said that I don't need surgery, at least not that he could justify doing! I'm over-the-moon THRILLED.

He is doing more x-rays again in six months and if the arthritis sets in again (or the angle starts going wrong again), then he may consider it again in the next few years. He is going to keep his eye on me...

But for now, it's celebration time, baby!

Thanks for the good thoughts and being so supportive through all of the updates about my knee!

I told him how grateful I am for his work on my knee and he said that what he is most impressed by are the lifestyle changes I've made... (quitting smoking and losing weight). I said I'm a whole new woman.

"Yeah, but I thought the old one was pretty good, too," he replied.

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  1. AWESOME news!
    Doing the Happy Dance!

  2. Thanks, ladies... I'm SOOO relieved as well as overjoyed.