Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Low carb menu

- Pork chop breaded with parm
- Dottie's green bean casserole with ground beef added
- Meatloaf
- Cheese omelet
- Lemon pound cake with low carb lemon frosting
- Meatloaf on an oopsie roll with tomato slices, mayo, mustard and low carb ketchup

Weigh-in: 201.0

That is a little over a one pound gain from January 1, which sucks. I could say that I've built up muscle due to working out and I could say that I feel like I'm retaining water, but instead, I'm just going to own it. I know I'm a little bit bloated for whatever reason because when I woke up and weighed in, my rings were tight when they are usally not tight at all. Angie got me three rose gold rings, a pair of rose gold earrings and three rose gold bangles for Christmas when she returned the earrings which were not staying in tact. I made out like a bandit! I am back to doing weekly Wednesday weigh-ins, which will be a good thing, I hope. I have also gone to the movies a few times this month and eaten popcorn each time. I've eaten probably what amounts to a small serving (definitely not a medium), but it all kind of adds up, I think. I also think I need to up my water intake because sometimes I think I'm just thirsty and I eat something. I will say, though, that I do think some of it must be muscle because my jeans feel looser than at the beginning of the month. Like, a lot looser. I will be in a size 10 soon I think! I think I should start doing body shots each month for a good comparison. Maybe I will have Angie get out her camera!

I went for a walk with my girlfriend today with the dogs and then I did a ton of cooking, but that means that the heel of my foot (of my leg that I got surgery on) has been numb. I made oopsie rolls, deviled eggs, low carb honey mustard, a ton of low carb pancakes and I still have to make chicken because it's thawed out and ready to go. I'm used to cooking up a ton of stuff in one day so that I don't have to cook every day, but I think that I need to work more on giving my leg more breaks. Rest is a tough thing for an impatient person! Angie wants to give me a foot rub later to help with my circulation and she gives the best massages ever, I'm telling you. She gave me some Burt's Bees lotions and they work so great for that purpose.

As Harry would say, Onward and downward!

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