Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Low carb menu

-Pork bbq with home made bbq sauce
- Unptoato salad
- Two poached eggs on a buttered oopsie roll
- Quarter pound hamburger on half an oopsie with tomato and onion
- BBQ chicken quarter with low carb bbq sauce
- Low carb brownie with peanut butter frosting

Happy Valentine's Day to you all! Angie and I exchanged gifts last night. She got me a beautiful recipe book which is full of blank recipe cards and is just gorgeous. She said that I should have my own cookbook and I've been searching for a way to organize my favorite recipes. I also received a beautiful angel. I'm big on my guardian angel and it has a beautiful love quote carved into it and she is holding a heart. She also got me a heart coffee mug (I drink a LOT of coffee), a rose bush plant, a wood wick candle and a Dog Whisperer magazine. (She is an ambassador for Cesar Milan). We couldn't resist because it was midnight and she has a long shift today.

I got her new cologne, a lily candle holder, the rest of the Harry Potter dvds, candy and a beanie baby.

I made a pink low carb pound cake and I will probably make some cute pink frosting to go on it.


  1. Candy, eh?
    Just the good kind!
    Happy Valentine's Day to the Happy Couple!

    1. My sweet tooth is limited to low carb sweets as of late... A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips! Thanks for the Valentine wishes... I think we are going out for a tasty (low carb for me) meal.