Friday, January 24, 2014

Addicted to Doggy Hugs!

I'm just waiting on the contractor to show up to re-drywall our ceiling in the dining room.  The gf is sleeping with our dogs.  Nobody in our pack sleeps very well when we are not under the same roof.

Went to the chiro last night and I'm feeling loads better.

Yesterday marks the one-year anniversary that I've been off the opiates.  Yes, I was prescribed them for my reconstructive knee surgery and they certainly have a time and place, but they are still very physically and emotionally addictive.  There is not a high without a low.  There is not an up without a down. 

I weaned off of them myself then just got rid of them without looking back.  I was on them for seventeen months.  I usually quit stuff cold turkey, but with these suckers, I weaned.  I would recommend that method for anybody going through that sort of a thing.

Now, for most people, pain killers are a non-issue, but somebody who has a history of substance abuse needs to be careful.  I used to smoke so much pot that I couldn't even get high anymore.  I was doing about an ounce a week of the strong stuff.  I ate carbs 'til I passed out, sick, eating myself to a morbidly obese 306 lbs.  Alcohol was never really a problem for me, but I could see how it could quickly become one, based on my history.

I have all four wisdom teeth coming out on Friday, February 7th and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little afraid of "needing" the pain meds again.  But this is just one bad weekend, one bottle.  Nothing like last time when I had my femur sawed in two. 

Addiction is a bitch and besides caffeine, I'm essentially habit-free.  Well, unless you count hugging on my dogs.  That is one addiction I refuse to give up.

Yesterday's Eats:
- Four eggs
- Two bacon-wrapped cheese-filled hot dogs with mayo & mustard
- SF jello

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