Thursday, January 2, 2014

How 2013 was different, from the burger girl herself!

- Four eggs
- Burger patty with lettuce, mayo, tomato slice, grilled mushrooms & a little onion

This past year, I've lost a little over 30 lbs (which brings the total weight loss up to 130 lbs and finally AT GOAL, yay!)

I've been pretty much perfectly on-plan for the entire year, which has made all the difference.  I've also adjusted my portion sizes, which hasn't been that tough because you need less to satisfy you when you're smaller.

I hadn't really planned to say on plan for the whole year, but after over a decade of eating low-carb, something clicked where going off plan is just not worth it and I prefer the way I feel when I'm eating healthy foods.

In short, eating like crap makes me feel like crap, so not eating the crap is the better way to go.

Oh, and I'm still loving my burgers.  That will never change. (Obviously.)


  1. I've been following your progress for a good while and can say WOW! You are so determined, so inspiring and SO deserve all of the good things you have worked so hard for. That is a lot of "so". :) Congrats, Angieloo. I am SOOOO happy for you!!!

  2. Thanks, Oct! Your support and friendship mean the world to me.