Sunday, January 12, 2014

Low carbing & freezer full of hot dogs

- Four eggs
- Parm-breaded pork chop with mayo
- SF jello parfait
- Chocolate mousse

We hit a big Kraft sale last night and got our favorite Oscar Meyer hot dogs for 99cents per pack!  Let's just say we may or may not have bought 32 packs of them... and our freezer may or may not be full.  Thank goodness for the deep freeze!

Also scored some bratwurst because I've been having some serious cravings for them as of late.


  1. Gotta love those sales. I do the same thing. In fact, there was a sale on Zip-lock baggies at Sam's Club several years ago. Thinking that hey, I use these now and then and they never go bad since they are plastic, I bought two large boxes of them. I will never ever ever use them all. Cro said he had to wonder if I was into drugs when he saw them after moving in. Um no! I was into lunch! lol