Sunday, January 26, 2014

Even tow trucks can't get through...

- Four eggs
- Four eggs
- SF jello
- A few bites of meatloaf and egg salad

The gf finally made it home today!  She just stayed there because their roads don't get plowed and leaving would (and did) prove to be extremely difficult.

After over an hour of shoveling her own path down the road, she just pushed it off to the side of the road and walked up to a main road, where I came and rescued her.  With the windchill at a freezing cold five below zero, she was just ready to get home, take a hot shower and snuggle down with our dogs.  They were so happy to have her home, but not as happy as I am!

These are super nice homes, but for some reason, the roads never get plowed. I'm just glad she is safe and sound! 

Her car is still on the side of the road. We do have AAA roadside assistance, but the lady told her that the tow trucks wouldn't be able to get down that road.  The lady advised her to call the police and to get to someplace safe.  Not exactly what you want to hear from Triple A, but she is home, so I am one relieved girl!

Edited to Add: She made it home safe and sound and they finally got her car out, too! 

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