Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Low carb menu and smaller clothes

- Four eggs
- Two hot dogs with cheese & a piece of bacon with mayo

Down to a size 8 jeans.  I wore a size 8 when I was in third grade.  No joke.  I wore a size 8 petite back then though because I was just a shortie. Always tall for my age but a third grader does not exactly fit into women's clothes because they aren't supposed to be that big yet.  I remember my grandma got me a pair of jeans that fit so well back then and that's what size they were. I loved those jeans.  Size 8P. Funny the stuff you remember.

I've never really loved clothes shopping because no matter your size, it can be tough to find clothes that flatter you. Especially when you're tall like me, but I actually am finally loving my height.  Even my size Large yoga pants are kind of hanging off my butt, but the Mediums fit me great.

I do like Old because they have great deals and a wide variety of tall (and petite) for us non-cookie-cutter people. I had a coupon (this week only) for $40 off $100 order, so I scored two long-sleeved tees, two pairs of yoga pants and two pairs of jeans (one skinny and one boot cut) all for around $80.

Size 8, baby... Down from a size 28.  Oh, the wonders of eating low carb, I tell you. I also went from a very tight women's 3x shirt down to a size Medium top.  In some ways, I don't feel smaller than I was, but I know that I am.

Trying to keep warm today is at the top of my list.  Sitting with a space heater in my office because the heater in the basement is having trouble keeping the whole house warm and toasty.

We borrowed a movie from the library called "The Lucky One" that we started last night.  If we can get the living room warmed up enough, hopefully we will hang out in there and finish it up. It looks like a super cute movie! GF is a super good movie-picker-outer and she always seems to know all the movie stars names. How does she do that?


  1. My little cousin always knew the movie star names too. I know the ones that I particularly admire but tend to call most of them by the names of the roles they play.

    Congrats on the size 8 jeans. That is so fantastic!

  2. Thanks, girls... :)

    I never know any of the movie star names. Ever. GF has always been a huge movie buff.


    Thought you might like this website!