Sunday, January 19, 2014

Low carb snacky snacks and why I love my chiropractor

- Four eggs
- Tilapia parmesan with buttered broccoli
- Chocolate mousse

We are going to see Her today, so that should be fun. I've taken to just sneaking in my own low carb snacks and enjoying the free refills on the diet soda.  My snacks sometimes include (but are not limited to) sunflower kernals, sugar free jello parfait and sometimes a flax muffin of some sort.  For me, it's mostly about having the snack there if I really want it, but lots of times, I will just skip it.

My knee has been kind of ouchie lately and I think that it has to do with  the new recumbent bike being a bit tougher to pedal (more resistance).  Living with an osteoarthritic joint is kind of a balancing act of figuring out what is enough exercise and not doing so much that you will be hurting for days. "Fighting through the pain" is not a good idea for a person with arthritis because too much can involve a couple days or even a week to ten days with dealing with more pain.  

My surgeon hit the nail on the had when he said that you want to be active but not do so much that the next day, you couldn't do that much working out again.  Fortunately, I've started tracking my working out (which mostly just includes my back exercises at the gym and minutes on the bike) so I can easily see what works and what is too much.  However, I can fight through the pain all I want when I do my back exercises because that is actually what is required to get the one side of my back as muscular as the other one.  Getting my weaker side more muscular will be a lot of effort, but once it's done, it's done.  Just trying to enjoy the journey, as they say!

The iodine I'm taking has been a total life-changer!  My chiropractor is amazing for figuring this out.  I read that every single organ in your body needs iodine to function properly and I was extremely deficient.  I did notice that I was feeling more tired, plus my toes were turning purple and my menstrual cycle was a little wonky.  Something was just not "right" with my body and now, I feel way better!  My mood is better, my circulation is improving, on and on!


  1. Wow! Kudos to your chiropractor for figuring that out. Iodine is, indeed, an essential nutrient and low levels of it can result in fatigue and stunted mental growth, as well as certain diseases, such as goiter. I hope you’re still feeling good now. I agree with your surgeon. Don’t exert too much effort in one day, as this can lead to feeling burnt out. It’s better to pace yourself.

    Alan Siegel

  2. I remembered seeing the movie Her with my friends. We got so teary by the end of the movie. Anyway, good for you for keeping track of your workout. Being healthy can be such a task, but it pays off, right? I think your chiropractor is pretty smart. Most chiros don't take notice of their client's iodine intake. I bet you're really thankful yours did! :)

    Alison Holloway @ Neuro ATL