Thursday, January 23, 2014

Gallons of mayo, construction & the Big Chill

- Four eggs
- Sugar free jello
- Tilapia parmesan with mayo
- More tilapia with lots of mayo (or was it mayo with tilapia?)

I never really liked mayo 'til I started going full-time low carb.  Now, I cannot get enough!  I know it's healthier to make your own, but the big ol' gallons from GFS are just really good and around 8 bucks a gallon.  Yes, we really go through that much mayo. 

Tomorrow morning, we are getting our ceiling ripped out due to some rain damage.  Will be glad when it's complete. 

We have two severe weather warnings now, one for windchill and one for the snowfall.

The gf is going to be gone for an overnight (pet sitting) visit tonight and I'm totally going to miss her.  How do the military wives do it?  Seriously?  She is going to take one dog and leave me with my gorgeous and somewhat snuggly Daisy dog, so I will be okay.  Gave her an aspirin this morning (vet-approved) due to her ouchie joints. 

The house is just gonna be lonely without my boo.


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