Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 159: Emotional Eating

Day 159

- Oopsie french toast with Walden's sugar free pancake syrup and sausage patties
- BLT on an oopsie roll
- Meatloaf
- Cocoa roasted almonds
- Two SF fudgsicles
- Just like velveeta casserole

All day long, I wanted to order a pizza along with cheese sticks or go to the Chinese food buffet and just eat everything in sight. I was having fantasies about it. Sick, really. I think a small part of it is dehydration.... but I'd say that the lion's share of my hunger was because I was in the mood to do some emotional eating. You know, eat to cover your feelings sort of thing. I felt like a recovering alcoholic, dying to get drunk.... Knowing I could go to that place where I eat so much that nothing hurts at all.

The good thing is me noticing the emotional eating and allowing myself to do so, using low-carb alternatives. Of course, I could have had a better day, but I can't beat myself up about it too much knowing my history.

I have been thinking about putting this blog on the back burner, but really, I need the accountability and I need to track my food or else I eat way too much...


  1. Angie dont go away, stay and talk and post menu's I really look forward to yours because they are do-able for me.

    I am totally feeling like emotional eating. So instead of trying to force myself to do induction right now, I make peanut butter fudge and ate a bunch of it. LOL It didnt destroy me and I think thats key. You may have ate more but you ate stuff that would not ruin your diet and thats ok.

  2. Aww... thanks, Nancy :)

    I totally want some fudge now. I have to have it! I have never made that recipe and it looks amazing.

    I even have some cute little walnuts I may arrange on the top of them... mmm... I have such a sweet tooth, ever since Halloween!!

  3. I love this peanut butter fudge. I finally got the liquid splenda and made it with that, so it would have less carbs and it was just as good as with powdered splenda. I think i put in 24 drops and it makes it just sweet enough, though a little more probably wouldnt hurt it. I like it with the 24 though, I cut it up into little teeny squares and put it in the freezer and just get a piece whenever I feel any sweet toothiness coming on and its great. Ooh walnuts on top would be awesome!