Friday, November 13, 2009

Too many low carb desserts!

Day 166 Low Carb

- Tuna salad with diced onions on an oopsie roll
- Low carb peanut butter fudge
- Low carb cheesecake
- Hamburger on an oopsie with onions, tomato, mayo, mustard and low carb ketchup
- Spaghetti squash with meat marinara sauce
- Low Carb Chocolate Sundae: Breyer's Carb Chocolate Smart ice cream with Walden Farms' Low Carb ~ Sugar Free Caramel Sauce and almonds

The problem with experimenting with low carb desserts is that somebody around the house has to eat them... and it's usually me that ends up putting in in my mouth... er - hips. My sweet tooth had a sweet tooth! I usually don't even like chocolate ice cream, but I have admit, I do not regret eating any of this.... It this was incredible!

For me, it's too dang easy to justify the extra dessert (or dessert at all) if it's low carb.

Now, I do like to have a low carb option around for desserts... but this is just ridiculous!

What is everybody doing for Thanksgiving? Originally, I was going to stick to Low Carb, but I decided that I'm going to have a scheduled deviation from my plan. I plan on going to my brother's house and I'm going to enjoy the meal... I'm going to allow myself to go off of it for damage control for the future, to be honest. Days, weeks, or even months down the road, I do not want to have the excuse that I was deprived of my big, fat Thanksgiving dinner, so I can eat this Large Movie Theatre (refillable) popcorn.

I don't think that going off plan is the problem... It's when you don't get back on track that is!


  1. Yay, another low-carb blog. I'm always interested in seeing what other low-carbers are eating. I think I'll pass on the desserts, though!

  2. I think thats a good plan Angie. I plan to eat stuffing!!! I'm the only one that likes it, but if I dont get any I know I'll regret it. I only ever eat it at thanksgiving anyway. And we are having normal pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes. The turkey of course is low carb.

    I need some low carb desserts around, for some reason if I dont have SOMETHING, I might go off my diet so its good to have a treat around.