Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 174 Now I remember why I don't eat white bread!

Day 174

- Shepherd's pie with a little low carb ketchup
- Too much white bread with butter, side salad with ranch dressing, two chicken strips, three fried mushrooms, two cheese sticks, onion rings and half a slice of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting

Too much information alert!!!!!

Gross. That is how I feel. I felt sick last night after eating this crap and I felt even sicker all morning long on the toilet. First, it was like extreme cramping, then constipation then more horror. My body is sooooo not used to this crap and I'm proud of that, really.

Sorry to my stomach and intestines... Don't worry, I won't be making *that* mistake again, anytime soon!!!! I really had no idea that when I decided to have a deviation from low-carb that it would be this horrendous on my body.

Forget the scale - I just don't want to feel like shit!!!

Off to the store to get eggs, heavy cream, etc... You know, the stuff my body can actually recognize as food! Not partially digested crap they stuff you full of at a restaurant. Well, if you choose to eat it... as I did. Lesson learned.


  1. Yep this happened to me when I ate cake and pizza last week at Isabels volleyball party. I think now I consider this diet to be, #1 about health, #2 about weight loss.
    I hope you feel better soon!!!!

  2. Yeah, these days my body just can't handle carbohydrates, especially bread. Unfortunately, I must be a very slow learner, because it seems like I have to re-learn that lesson every 2 or 3 days.