Thursday, September 22, 2011

Low carb chinese: sweet success!

Sometimes, I treat my food addiction (specifically carbohydrate addiction) like I'm a true addict and I just need to make it through the day to be okay. This may be a little bit dramatic to some people, but for me, one small mistake can spiral into a day, then a week, then a month or months of bad choices and me slipping back into active addiction... and weight gain.

In good news, I got through the dinner without even eating anything bad! It was really only on my first plate that I was a little bit resentful of my table-mates eating high-carb fare, but I made the decision ahead of time that I was going to stay on plan.

"If you don't stand for something," I reminded myself, "you will fall for anything."

- Leftover low carb sweet and sour chicken thigh pieces (not at buffet - in fridge)
- Half pound burger with tomato, onions, mustard, mayo and low carb ketchup on a oopsie roll
- Two cheesy hot dogs with onions, mustard and low carb ketchup on an oopsie roll

At Chinese buffet:
- Egg drop soup with green onions on top
- Side salad with iceberg lettuce, eggs, cucumbers, bacon bits and ranch
- Four chicken kebabs
- Sauteed green beans
- Some broccoli with beef (not much of the beef or sauce because I was unsure of what was low carb)

I consider that pretty much a success. After writing it all out, it's no wonder why I was so full after I left the place!

In bad news, in the bathroom after the Chinese restaurant, the handicapped toilet was SO LOW and nasty that I literally put a little bit of weight on my non-weight bearing leg. Can you say OUCHIE!? I really hope that I didn't mess anything up, internally.

See, where they did my osteotomy, they inserted a wedge of bone from my iliac crest into the bottom of my femur and new bone growth will fill in the spaces. While I'm healing just as expected, it still scared me because I'm not supposed to be bearing weight on that leg at all.

In good news, now that I chose low carb fare at the Chinese place, I feel that I could eat low carb at any ol' place. My go-to option is usually a double cheese burger, 86 the bun (waitress speak for no bun) with green beans or another low-carb option in the place of the typical high-carb chips or fries. I like side salads, love when they have cottage cheese, but even at Denny's, the green beans are pretty good.

While last night was my gf's birthday, it sure didn't feel like it. She had to work late and after we got home from dinner, she basically just wanted to crash. I say that it didn't feel like her birthday only because her card and gifts are just sitting here, in all their blue-ribbon glory. I stuck them in the closet because I don't want to look at them all day. I'm sure she will open them soon. Or let's hope so.

I think she was saddened by the news that she got about a gorgeous and very intelligent eclectus, that she had to give up to move in with me. With me being allergic to birds and her old roommate being unable to take care of her, she gave her up as a consignment bird. Luckily (in my opinion), nobody purchased her, so she will go down to an all-natural bird sanctuary in Florida, but the bad news is that the gf will not get to see her again. How sad is that? It's bittersweet because the bird is going to have a great life, living with a flock and will have the chance to find a lifelong mate, as they mate for life. I think it's a sweet little story, but I can see how not seeing her again would leave a bad taste in her mouth. It's sad yet happy for the bird, who will live such a better life than any home could provide her.

Notice how life is often times a double edged sword?


  1. I think it's wonderful the bird got to go to a sanctuary in Florida. Hey! That could be an awesome vacation you take together... a trip to the Sunshine state to soak up the rays and see the bird :)

  2. I really do agree with you about the bird - it will have a much better life in the sanctuary. SheZug has a great idea!

    As for carbs - I don't know if I'm addicted but I do know that I find them hard to resist if they're put in front of me. I do much better if I take "one day at a time".

    I hope your healing hasn't been compromised by that nasty toilet.

  3. I'm your addict twin i think. One mistake and its downhill for me, though as i get older i find that i actually can make a tiny mistake that doesnt become huge. Maybe just getting old and realizing, hey, there will be a donut next year, I dont have to eat ten right now because i never get one again, I actually can wait and eat one later. My kids have taught me that. They never ever eat too much because of being scared there wont be more, in fact sometimes they leave food there and i am tempted to say "in India some kids have only bean paste to live on" then I remember thats not a good way to live, eating because someone else is starving! Why was that ever a good thing to tell kids? Anyway, I still try to stay as strict as possible.

    I hope you didnt injur yourself on that terrible low toilet seat.

    I can relate to your gf's sadness over her bird, though where she ended up seems to be awesome. A bird sanctuary is ideal! Once I tried to give my bird Shiva away, because we had inherited her and I have never felt like a "bird person." Still I cared for her and wanted her to end up in a good home. My lovely friend agreed to take her and we had moved the bird over and when I came home, I just lost it. I could not function for hours, I felt so selfish, like this poor bird was probably wondering why I had given her away.

    My husband came home, took one look at me and went to my friends house and said, "sorry but i have to have the bird back."

    After that she lived with us until she died when she was about 12 years old. I always think she should have lived longer though the vet said birds are fragile and the fact that she lived that long was pretty good.

    But the truth is you cant get over the loss of your pet, even when they go somewhere nice. Just keep reassuring her that you appreciate her sacrifice and feel bad with her. Time is the only thing that will make her feel better, just living day after day. It will get better.