Saturday, September 10, 2011

Size medium?!

I went to Goodwill right before my surgery on August 23rd to get some new shirts. Even my women's size 2x were too big, so I knew it was time to load up on some more. I tried on a slew of tops and ended up getting about thirteen shirts for really cheap, all size XL in women's. In fact, we scored an additional 20% off our entire purchase because we donated a box of clothes.

When trying on clothes, I realized the huge size discrepancy of the different brands. Some were a bit too big, most fit and some were too small.

To get on with it, a couple weeks after I had been wearing my shirts, I noticed that one of my favorites said "EL" on it, made in Cambodia. I flipped up the tag and noticed that it said size Medium! I fit into a size Medium in women's!!! I could not even believe my eyes when I saw the tag. Had I known that it was only a size medium, I never even would have tried it on, but somehow, it slipped into the wrong rack at the thrift store and I had been wearing it around the house for a couple weeks already... so it obviously fits.



  1. Now that is a real triumph. Medium ...! That must feel good! Congratulations.

  2. YAY! love it when it all comes together!