Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Low carb menu

- Two sausage patties with sugar free syrup
- Two hot dogs on an oopsie roll with mustard and low carb ketchup
- Strawberries
- Ham/broccoli/cauliflower/green pepper cheesy casserole
- Four parmesan-breaded chicken tenders in a salad with ranch dressing and a hard boiled egg

When I first met my gf, she told me that she did not know how to cook. As in, she never even made eggs or turned on the stove at all. She said she pretty much ate take-out, cereal, sandwiches and microwaveable dinners. She said that she tried to make a healthy dinner once but the chicken came out raw, and I just don't understand why she didn't bake the chicken more instead of scrapping the whole meal and deeming herself a non-chef. That is just sad that one experience molded her for years of thinking she could not cook.

Now, especially since my surgery and I'm in a wheelchair, she cooks the best stuff ever! I helped her by telling her how to make the casserole and how to bread the chicken fingers etc, but that girl can COOK!

I'm pretty much the same way... The only time I ever cooked was from a box-mix or whatever, which is just entirely not healthy. Now that I am low-carbing, I have learned how to make so many good foods.

I really feel that as an adult, we should know how to prepare basic, healthy meals using real foods. Not that you have to cook elaborate meals all the time, but it just goes with taking good care of yourself and being self-sufficient. I think knowing how to make healthy foods goes right along with knowing how to write a check. It's not just for some - everybody should know how to whip up some good grub in the kitchen... and nobody knows how to cook until they do.


  1. I often tell Cro that I can't cook ... and yet I can if I take the time and give it enough effort. In my case it's easy to prepare all of my meals for the week in one fell swoop on Sunday. But I'm intimidated when faced with making something for him. I'm well-versed in what I can eat and how to make it. I don't have confidence that I could make something that he would enjoy more than fast food or take-out. My grandma was a brilliant cook and even though she died 30 years+ ago the relatives still talk about the things she would make.

    I'll bet I could make something in the crock pot that Cro would love ... you've inspired me to try. :) Thanks Ang. Hope you are recovering well!

  2. Aww I'm glad that I inspired you to give it a whirl. I know that Cro will appreciate your efforts.

    What is so cool about making your own stuff is that you can control what goes in.... including LOVE!!!

    Channel your inner-grandma and whip that boy up something special! I think cooking for a loved one is so special and I love it when you talk about the beef veggie soup and stuff that he makes for you.

    Let us know how it goes!