Sunday, September 4, 2011

Low carb menu

- Strawberries
- Meatballs with cabbage and tomatoes
- Low carb pizza with sausage, peppers, pepperoni and ham
- A plate and a half at the Chinese buffet

The gf and I celebrated our five month anniversary. It was my first night out in public in a wheelchair, and it actually went pretty well. My mom has always been the type to go where she wants, even right after her amputation (before she was fitted for a prosthesis), so that was good motivation for me to live my life as well.

Right when we were going in, we were greeted by two older gentlemen who could not have been kinder if they tried. They were really welcoming to me, as was the whole establishment.

We found out that my gf can pull her car up out back and I can just step down off the patio, versus using the front steps, which are an utter nightmare with no railing. Uneven cement and no railing makes for a disaster when it comes to crutches.

I have to go to secretary of state and get my temporary permit, so that we can do more date and movie nights!

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