Friday, November 4, 2011

Does obesity cause genu valgum [knock knees]?

The doctor's appointment went well! I'm now walking around... kind of. I'm not officially weight bearing YET, but he did say to start putting some pressure on it, but keep the majority of my weight on my walker when I step. He said to put about sixty pounds of pressure on my knee when I walk, which is kind of hard to gauge because I'm around 200 pounds now, but I'm just putting a little bit of pressure on there and so far, no pain! I'm like a little kid, excited to be walking around for the first time in ten weeks! It's nothing short of a miracle, what my surgeon was able to do for me. My open wedge osteotomy has really changed my life.

In the past, I always had this idea that my knock knees were due to me being a really overweight child. I have even wrote on this blog that my obesity caused this, and it really didn't. My girlfriend and I were disagreeing about this very thing. She said it was genetic, but I just knew that it had to do with my being so heavy. Now, I had seen heavier people than me NOT have it, but I just figured that I was so fat from such a young age that it was almost like my poor legs could not support my weight... almost like a prison that I did the crime for. Also, my knock knee correction surgeon from before actually made my knee more deformed, so I was petrified of surgery in the first place.

To get on with it, I asked my surgeon if it was due to my weight and he said a flat out, "completely unrelated." He is a straight shooter, so I know he would have been honest with me if it did cause knock knees. On wikipedia, it says that obesity DOES cause it, but I think that my surgeon who has been doing these surgeries for twenty years is a more reliable source than wiki.

So, why the heck does this matter anyway? Well, I lived with a deformity in my left knee for 17 long years (from the time I was 12 to 29 now), and I kind of felt like I deserved it for doing so much eating.... like it was some sort of weird self-inflicted punishment. Turns out, it's congenital, which means that it is something that I was born with... but the good news is that it can be corrected and I don't deserve a life of pain, after all.

It's my hope that others will find this entry if they, too, wonder if they caused their own form of knock knees... In two words, heck no!

Low carb menu:
- Two sausage patties and two eggs, fried in butter
- Two pieces of zucchini pizza with sausage, ham, pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, mozzarella and marinara sauce with unpotato salad
- Ham and cheesy casserole with green onions, broccoli and cauliflower
- Half of a chicken breast, breaded in parm and dipped in low carb honey mustard with half an oopsie roll and two small tomato slices
- Carbquik cheddar bay biscuit

I made the last three items on the list as a special seven-month anniversary with me and my girlfriend. I don't ever remember being happier. I do have to take responsibility for my own happiness, but it helps having an amazing person to live your life with, if you ask me. The cheddar bay biscuits are amazing! They do include Carbquik, which is a carbalose flour, so I do not want to make them part of my daily or even weekly plan, but every once in a while, on a special occasion, they are certainly a welcomed treat. They really do taste like the biscuits from Red Lobster, so if you like those, you are going to LOVE these. I got eleven big biscuits out of the batch.


  1. I definitely know what you mean. I've never been happier.


  2. I'd definitely go with the doc on what caused your issue. Wikipedia can be edited by anyone who may or may not be speaking directly from their backsides.

    Glad you're feeling better...I'm essentially doing a low-carb diet as well, and sometimes when you start doing that you forget some of the yummy things you can do with food. Your blog gave me some ideas on what to eat today....thanks!

  3. I think obesity can cause all kinds of posture issues!

  4. thanks for this article. i feel that i have more hope for the future.. im positive i have knock-knee in my left leg. im going to a bone specialist in a few weeks to get my back, hip, and legs etc. checked out. (i thought it was caused by my extra weight too but i believe your doctor over what Wiki told me). i have lower back-spinal arthritis as well..

  5. I just wrote a very long message... And since I wasn't signed in with google, it made me sign in, then deleted everything I had written.I am going to sum up Every thing I had typed out.. so if it's choppy, that's why.

    First of all, congratulations on your surgery. How are your knees now?

    I am 25, and babe had this issue since Incas about8 or 9. For the last 5 years, my knees grind when I walk, go up stairs, and whenever I bend them.

    I gained a lot of weight when I moved in with a different family at the age of 6. Prior to that, I was happy, active and skinny as can be.

    I was tipping the scales close to 300 lbs when I was 18. I managed to lose a little over 100 lbs, and keep it off, in the last 6/7 or so years.

    At my peak, I was the smallest and fittest I had EVER been as an adult. I ate very well, worked out daily, sometimes twice. I was still very insecure about myself and I wish I would have appreciated my efforts much much more.
    Everything was going great, I was beginning to lose more weight, until 2 years ago I developed a serious lung infection, it became systemic and spread throughout my entire body. It left me bed ridden up until this year.

    I have gained only Les than 20 lbs, and right now, I'm maybe 10 lbs heavier than before I got sick... But it seems and feels like soooo much more. Most of clothes still don't fit right. I try working out, and most of the time I feel weak and tired, then I get very sick after pushing myself, fever, headache, etc.

    When I can work out, a 25 minute video with some light weights... My knees hurt and ache later that day, then all of the next day.

    I have days where I don't even have any physical activity (thanks to college) and my knees still hurt!

    I went to an orthopedic, he started me on physical therapy, did X-ray's.. and said my hips are just too wide. They really aren't.. I just have a lot of extra meat stored there.

    He should do a scope, but he doesn't want to yet they want to give me cortisone shots in my knees... But I know that won't change the GRINDING aspect.

    My orthopedic/surgeon said that it's not fixable.
    Other doctors who are not surgeons, said it IS fixable. Chiropractors have said, it's not.

    So, I am wondering what you went through to have the surgery done. Did you have insurance? I assume, of course you had something.
    Was the surgery beneficial, and did it completely make your legs straight? Both of my knees are knock knees.. we're yours?

    Can you email me?

    I hope you still use this blog and are able to see my comment.

    I am so desperate to find answers right now.. seeing if this is a condition that can be fixed. I have been praying for a miracle, and I don't care how that miracle happens, surgery or not.

  6. Believe Wikipedia because ur surgeon is wrong. Talk to a chiro or physio instead. Doing something for 20 years doesn't mean you know everything. He probably just didn't want to make you feel bad. That being said, weight isn't the only factor

  7. Great article. Most will have you believe that knock knees are caused by obesity. It's good to see a different theory on why this deformity is caused. I found an interesting article on this website on the topic.