Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Low carb menu, doctor's appointment, weigh-in

- Sloppy joe meat with pork rinds
- Two slices of pumpkin bake
- Unpotato salad

Nancy's un~potato salad is seriously so amazing. I'm very picky about my deli salads and I usually do not like any kind of store-bought mac or potato salad. They just taste so unappealing. Nancy's recipe is a winner from the first bite! I especially love that it calls for green onions instead of regular ones because my girlfriend can't really get into raw onions and green ones are much more mild. I didn't realize what a big difference the green onions made in the recipe until I made it yesterday without them. We needed coffee anyway, so good thing that she was willing to go to the store last night after her behavior counseling session for her boss' new puppy. She went to work, donated plasma, helped me with my work, went to the dog training session (which she did pro-bono) then went to the store, came home and took short nap then took us all out for a pack walk (the two dogs and me)... all while being sick! I hope that she can rest up today because she does have the day off due to my appointment with the surgeon. I really can't wait until I can start contributing more with the care of the dogs and the housework. She doesn't complain about it, but I know it's a lot for her to have to do.

I'm going to see my surgeon today and get some x-rays. We are going to see if there is enough new bone growth for me to start bearing weight on it. I sure hope there is! I'm ten weeks post-op and while I still am in some pain, I feel much better than I felt before.

My appointment is at 11:45am today so I will be sure to let you know how I fare!

My weigh in was 200.6 today, which is okay, I guess. I still have about 25 more pounds to get to "normal weight," plus with my huge binge at the Chinese buffet, it's really no surprise. I did weigh in at 200 last week too, which kind of makes me mad because it was fun to be in onederland while it lasted, but it's like one freaking pound that I'm talking about and I need to focus on the fact that I lost 105 pounds so far, which is awesome.

I also need to focus more on working out. Being in a wheelchair is no excuse! I've always thought that if you are looking for an excuse, you will find one... Actually, you will find way more than one. Our brains love to be happy and we look for the most-pleasurable things most times. I need to start doing my ten pound weight arm exercises like I was doing for a while. I feel strong when I work out and I need to I'm going to get back in the groove of doing that.


  1. I do wheel-chair type workouts... when I am at work and can't move about.
    A thousand times better than nothing!