Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Low carb menu

- Two pieces of meatloaf with green bean casserole
- Two more pieces of meatloaf with low carb ketchup
- Turkey/broccoli/mushroom cheesy casserole with bacon on top
- Chef salad with ham, cheese, hard boiled egg, cucumbers and ranch


  1. Can I come over for dinner -
    Your menue always looks sooooo good!

  2. You know what is funny, when we have friends over for dinner they don't have any clue that they are eating low carb fare. I swear, we could feed you Angie's pancakes and you would be thinking you were eating soooo off plan but they are SO GOOD! I wish our blogging family lived closer because I would be having weekly family dinners at my casa! Thanks for all of your support.

  3. Oooh yes please I want to come to dinner at your house too!