Friday, November 25, 2011

Low carb menu for Thanksgiving

- Half of a breadstick muffin with marinara sauce
- Low carb biscuits
- Gluten free brownie with chocolate frosting
- Chicken/sausage/mushroom casserole
- Turkey with gravy
- Mashed cauliflower with gravy
- Dottie's green bean casserole
- Drumstick treat


  1. That drumstick treat looked great!!!
    Looks like you hada wonderful holiday!

  2. OH my gravy! that drumstick treat looks amazing. Tell me every detail... was it like a piece of heaven right here on earth.

  3. Babe, you cooked all day and Thanksgiving was amazing due to you. If I would've been cooking, it would've been pumpkin bake only. lol.

    I love you and I'm grateful for you in my life.

  4. The drumstick treat is soooo good and at only five carbs per serving, it's really pretty guilt free for me. Last time I made peanut butter cookies, I reserved some in the freezer so that it would be a little easier. I think that next time, I will double the peanut butter layer because that is what really makes it if you ask me.

    Thanks, Ang! You made the mashed cauliflower! I'm thankful that you are in my life, too. You are like the color part of the Wizard of Oz for me... and I know how many times you've seen that movie!